Codeyard 25

Codeyard price for up to 25 users

Entire project : US$ 31.000

One-time project fees

Licenses: approx. US$ 6.500*
Services : US$ 7.500
Hosting/operating costs: US$ 17.000

Annual project costs

Licenses: 50% of the initial purchase price
Hosting/operating costs: US$ 17.000


Atlassian BambooUS$ 800
Atlassian BitbucketUS$ 1.800
Atlassian CrowdUS$ 10
Atlassian ConfluenceUS$ 1.400 für ConfluenceUS$ 225
Microblogging für ConfluenceUS$ 300
Atlassian JIRA SoftwareUS$ 1.800
Atlassian SourceTreefree
SonarSource SonarQubefree
Sonartype Nexusfree

We will confirm the actual composition of your Codeyard project with you. License fees are calculated according to what is actually included in your specific Codeyard tool stack.


This item covers all necessary services complete your Codeyard introductory project. This does not includes custom programming, extensive legwork and broad, non-specific training courses. The project will end with the successful launch.

The following services are usually part of a Codeyard project. These services provided are with the agreement of the project team and may differ from this list:

1) Conception:
Kick-off Workshop/Strategy workshop to specify applications and requirements.

2) Implementation:
Installation and configuration of the productive environment.

3) Rollout preparation:
Training the project team, multiplier training (train-the-trainer), administrator workshops, and bugfixing to support the launch.


Our hosting/operation package for Codeyard includes the hosting and support of a virtual machine, as well as updates, emergency and service level agreements for service, response and resolution times. It includes all essential services required to operate Codeyard at a fixed cost.

Interested? Contact us and request your personalized offer!

* Subsequent license costs
The commercial licenses you buy allow you to use the Atlassian software and add-ons forever, and include 12 months of maintenance and support. To receive technical support and software updates after this time, you can renew your software maintenance for an additional 12 months. This is optional, but highly recommended. The price of the maintenance renewal is 50% of the regularly valid price of the initial license.